Family Farm: Never Built Disney's America Part 10

Never Built Disney's America

Family Farm Disney's America Concept Art

Every land of Disney's America would have taken place during a specific era, but only one would celebrate an entire industry that had helped to build America.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America, where we explore the history, lands, attractions, and concepts that would have made Disney's patriotic theme park. Check out the rest of the series so far here. Today we are exploring what would have been the Family Farm themed section of Disney's America.

Family Farm Living With The Land Epcot Disney World

This section was set in the mid-twentieth century and dedicated to the ideal of the American family-run farm.

It would not have featured any significant attractions, but instead have been an actual practical farm that would have been a constantly changing part of the park as crops grew and changed gradually over the years.

This would have taken the approach of Living With The Land and transferred it from a futuristic greenhouse to a more traditional outdoor farm, meant to be educational about actual farm practices used throughout American history instead of the farms of the future.

Disney had incorporated farming into theme parks before in Epcot, and would again in Disney California Adventure. It may not have been a shinny attraction, but it would have added some educational value to the park about a practical industry, not just American history.

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