Casey's Corner Chili Cheese All Beef Hot Dog Review Disney World

Chili Cheese Hot Dog Disney World Casey's Corner

Casey's Corner is known for its hot dogs. Themed as a baseball hot dog shop, it feels like the kind of place you would find just outside a small town baseball field in the America of yester year, a snack stand filled with baseball memorabilia.

One of the best options there is the chili cheese hot dog.

Served on a bun, this hot dog is served hot, with a mixture of chili and cheese covering the center of the bun and hot dog.

The hot dogs are perfectly cooked and served at a hot but manageable temperature

By far the highlight of the meal is the chili, which is not overwhelmingly spicy, but has a strong flavor that compliments the hot dog well. If you are looking for spicy chili you will be disappointed, but it is a great mild chili.

The cheese is a love it or hate it thing. People absolutely love this cheese, and have been disappointed when changes have happened to it in the past. You can get cups of the plastic cheese to add to it and people do. But if you are looking for a more authentic or fancy cheese than you will likely not enjoy it, but the taste is great if you are into it.

Both the chili and cheese overflow over the hot dog enough that it fills the bun.

The flavors all perfectly compliment one another to make for a wonderful meal.

This is one of the best counter service meals you can get, but it is not for everyone. If you are not looking for hot dogs you should check out one of the other counter service locations at the park. But if you want a ballgame style hot dog than Casey's Corner is definitely the place that you are going to want to eat at the Magic Kingdom.