5 Broadway Musicals That Should Come To Disney Plus

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Disney Plus has been making itself known as a new major player in the Broadway musical film market. From launching with a filmed version of the stage version of Newsies, to releasing the filmed version of the Broadway cast of Hamilton, to announcing a film adaptation of Once On This Island.

So we are discussing five more Broadway musicals that would fit in well on Disney Plus.

We are not discussing musicals with existing or in development film adaptations, or ones that would not work well on the primary family-friendly streaming service. We are also focusing primarily on more recent musicals.

1. Waitress

Disney already owns the rights to the film version of Waitress, and a musical of the musical would fit in greatly on Disney Plus. Its story of a pie baker trying to escape her abusive marriage and give her unborn child a better life would work great on Disney Plus, and is no worse of a fit then Hamilton.

2. Anastasia

Disney also recently acquired this animated princess film and using the stage musical as a jumping-off point for a live-action adaptation would be great.

The stage version developed several characters more, and turned the fantasy film into a more grounded historical fiction musical, with the great score of the film along with wonderful original songs like My Petersburg.

3. Something Rotten

This is a musical love letter to musical theater itself. Telling a story of a rival playwright of William Shakespeare who uses a soothsayer to write the world's first musical, it is a nonstop comedic rampage. Featuring a rock star William Shakespeare, references to over a hundred musicals, and tap dancing eggs, it is non stop fun.

4. Six

Disney saw great success with a modern historical musical, and maybe they could make lighting hit twice. Six is a modern pop musical telling the story of the wives of King Henry VIII as a modern pop concert. It was supposed to open on Broadway, but the COVID19 pandemic has cut that short. This could be a great way to bring the show to a broader audience.

5. Finding Nemo The Musical

While not a Broadway musical, this would fit wonderfully on Disney Plus. It adapts a classic Pixar film into a musical with amazing puppets of all the films underwater characters.

It is already written, with a great score by the team behind Frozen, and would make a fun addition to the park.