Backside of Jaws Shark Animatronic Universal Studios Hollywood

Bruce Shark Animatronic Universal Studios Hollywood Backside

Jaws is one of the most iconic films of all time, introducing the world to one of the best directors of all time and an iconic yet simplistic score. Even decades later it remains an amazing watch.

Today we pay tribute to it by showing the backside of the Bruce the Shark animatronic in the Jaws scene along the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tram Tour.

The shark is designed to not be visible from the tram route until it makes its attack, an effect that works quite well, despite the fact it can clearly be seen when you look back on the scene on your way out of the Amity section.

This scene is one of the best moments on the studio tour, perfectly capturing the best parts of the movie and putting you mere feet from the most iconic shark in film history.

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