10 Fun Facts About Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Journey Into Imagination With Figment Pavilion Epcot Disney World

Journey into Imagination with Figment is one of the most classic rides in Epcot, featuring the unofficial mascot of the park, the love-able purple dragon Figment.  

Today, in celebration of this amazing ride, we are going to share 10 fun facts with you, about this classic Disney World ride.

1. Original Version

There were two different versions of this ride before the current version. They all share similarities with each other, and share the same ride vehicle but now it is in a new color.

2. Dean Finder

In the ride, you can see a door that says Dean Finder on it, which is a tribute to the original character Dreamfinder who appeared in the original version of the ride. 

3. One Little Spark

Astronaut Figment Dragon Epcot Disney World

The song that you can hear in the ride multiple times is called One Little Spark. It was written composed by the Sherman Brothers the writing duo behind Disney classics like Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh.

4. Flubber

In the line, you can see a photo of Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard from Flubber. 

5. Green Figment

Figment Topiary at Night Epcot Walt Disney World

In the early development days of the ride, there was a version of Figment that was green. The original sponsor Kodak did not want their ride to have a green character (the color of their main competitor) so the color had to change.

6.  Movie Cameo

Figment Easter Egg in Toy Story 4 Pixar Epcot Dragon

Figment has a cameo in the movies Inside Out as a painting and in Toy Story 4 as a carnival game.

Figment Easter Egg Inside Out Pixar

7. Ride System

This ride is an omnimover. This is the same ride system that is used in rides from Spaceship Earth to the Haunted Mansion.

8. Figment's Place

Figment Character In Figment's Place Epcot Disney World

At Figment's Place, a former meet and greet location next to the ride you were able to meet Figment and get his autograph. Now you can meet Mickey and Minnie at its former location if you have a Disney Visa Card.

9. The Senses

Figment With Phone Journey Into Imagination Sound Room Epcot Disney World

This ride features scenes based on the five senses, although because of Figment you don't make it through all of them.

10. Reused Scenes 

Figment in Upside Down Bathtub Journey Into Imagination Epcot Disney World

There are many scenes that were barely tweaked from Journey into Your Imagination to Journey into Imagination with Figment.