10 Facts About The Great Movie Ride At Walt Disney World

Opening Scene The Great Movie Ride Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie ride was the flagship ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The ride was a tribute to Hollywood and the most significant movies that came out of it from the golden age to the present.

Today we pay tribute to this lost but loved Disney World ride with 10 fun facts about Disney's Hollywood Studios original signature attraction.

1. Wicked Witch

Wizard of Oz Scene Great Movie Ride Disney's Hollywood Studios

The most advanced audio-animatronic in the ride was the Wicked Witch. She had full movement of her arms and hands as well as movement in her back mouth.

2. Opening Day

Western Scene Great Movie Ride Disney World

This ride was an opening day ride and was the last opening day ride in the park when it closed.

3. Original Name 

The originally proposed name for this attraction was Great Moments at The Movies. It was originally proposed for Epcot

4. Fantasia

When the ride was almost fully built, Disney then realized that they had only had paid for enough sound for the Wizard of Oz scene that ended up in the ride. But they had already built an additional twister scene. In response, they changed the twister to the Mickey Mouse scene from Fantasia. 

5. The Building 

Chinese Theater Disney's Hollywood Studios Empty

The entrance building of the Great Movie Ride was based on was Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

6. Replacement 

After the Great Movie Ride closed, Disney was planning on building something new in the space. Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway would replace the ride, giving Mickey his first dark ride in Disney Parks history.

7. The Casablanca Plane

In the Casablanca scene of the ride, you can see half of an airplane in a recreation of an iconic scene from the film. The other half of the same airplane ended up in the Disney World version of the Jungle Cruise.

8. The Films

Mary Poppins Scene Great Movie Ride Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the ride, there were 12 films that were mainly represented with full scenes on top of many other films represented in the final film montage.

9. Hands in Cement

The recreation of Grauman's Chinese Theatre was so accurate that Disney got celebrities to sign and put their hands in the cement outside just like at the actual theater. These remain in the entrance of the building to this day

10. Closing Day

The final operating day of this ride was August 13th, 2017.