What Broadway Musicals Are and Are Not Eligible for the 2020 Tony Awards


Jagged Little Pill On Broadway Logo Projection

It has been announced the Tony Awards which were delayed to the COVID19 pandemic will be taking place this fall. They have also begun revealing special rules given the coronavirus closure right towards the end of the eligibility period. We are going to take you through the musicals of this season to fill you in on the special rules.

Jagged Little Pill

This show is eligible for the Tonys, but will not be eligible for best score due to the music not being original to the show.

Jagged Little Pill Shubert Ally Poster Broadway Musical

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Broadway Life Is Beautiful

Moulin Rouge can can can (I'm sorry) be nominated for Tonys. Like Jagged Little Pill, it is not eligible for original score.

Girl From The North Country

Girl From The North Country Broadway Musical Set

Girl From The North Country is one of the shocks of the new rules. Despite opening in time for eligibility and before the coronavirus pandemic closed all shows, not enough of the people nominating the show had seen it yet, which makes it impossible for it to fairly be considered for awards.

Odds are it will be delayed to next year's awards.


Six Musical The Global Sensation On Broadway

While not a shock, Six will not be considered for this years Tonys. It was set to open the day all the shows were forced to close, but odds are it would have been ineligible anyway due to the same reasons as Girl From The North Country.

West Side Story

West Side Story will not be eligible for this year's Tonys for the same reasons as Girl From The North Country, a lack of judges actually saw the show in time for it to be able to be adequately judged.

The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief Musical Broadway Set

The musical version of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is not only eligible for the Tony Awards, but it is also the only show that can be nominated for best score, as every other eligible musical is a jukebox musical featuring preexisting music.

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical On Broadway


Tina Broadway Musical Theatre

The Broadway adaptation of the life of Tina Turner will also be eligible for the Tony Awards, except for best score.

There Is Only One Tina Shubert Ally Poster Broadway Musical

Final Thoughts

Company 2020 Broadway Revival Theater

This Tony Awards is going to be different with the absence of several shows. Who knows who might have won initially, but with the absence of shows for eligibility reasons and shows that never got the chance to actually open like Mrs. Doubtfire, Diana, Sing Street, Company and more this awards is going to be a completely different world.

If is good that in this world without theater we are finally getting a tribute to the art form that has taken one of the biggest hits in the advent of social distancing.