Scrooge McDuck Disney Character Tribute

Scrooge McDuck Very Merry Christmas Party Disney World

Disney has a variety of classic characters that fall in and out of style over the years. Sometimes they disappear for years before making a return to the parks in a regular fashion more popular than they ever were before.

Scrooge McDuck is a classic Disney character that used to appear quite regularly in the Disney Parks. He had a surge in popularity during the release of the original Ducktales and appeared in the parks on a consistant basis.

When the show ended Scrooge began to fade from the parks altogether, especially in the US, eventually being relegated to only in holiday parades and no regular appearances in the park besides within limited time celebrations.

Scrooge McDuck Donald's Dinobash Disney's Animal Kingdom

Then a Ducktales remake premiered and suddenly not only was Scrooge McDuck back in the Disney Parks on a regular basis, but he had a new look inspired by the newly reimagined series to go along with all of his new appearances.

He became a constant part of Dinoland USA in Disney's Animal Kingdom (strangely) alongside Launchpad McQuack from the same series.

It is rare for a character to disappear from the Disney Parks, then come back in such a significant fashion. Hopefully, Scrooge McDuck remains a part of the parks for a considerable time to come.

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