Enterprise: Never Built Disney's America Part 7

Innovations Concept Art Disney's America

Disney's America was based around recreating multiple significant eras of American history and finding thematically appropriate ways to incorporate attractions seamlessly into the landscape of historical periods.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America when we explore the lands and history of Disney's never built patriotic theme park. Today we are exploring the land Enterprise taking place during the industrial revolution. Check out the rest of this series here.

This land, known as either Innovations or Enterprise at varying points of development, would have featured a factory town from just before and after the turn of the 20th century, filled with the smoke-filled factories that began popping up in cities around the country around this time.

This land would have featured a lot of museum-style exhibits of factory technologies from both during and after the time period featured in this land, all taking place in early factory themed buildings.

These exhibits likely would have been similar to Innoventions that was being designed at roughly the same time. They were based on roughly the same idea, and despite being based in two different time periods, they both would have featured interactive exhibits based around modern industry, making it likely there would be some overlap.

There also would have been an attraction either walkthrough or a simple dark ride through a display of manufacturing, potentially being an active factory similar to Boudin Bakery at Disney California Adventure.

But the main attraction of this land would have been an elaborate roller coaster themed as a minecart traveling through the factories, but that is what we will explore next week.

Be sure to check out the rest of this series here. Also, make certain you come back next week as we explore the Industrial Revolution Roller Coaster.