Disney Magic Kingdoms Halloween 2020 Update: Haunted Mansion or Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Bride Constance Hatchaway Haunted Mansion Disney Magic Kingdoms

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Disney Magic Kingdoms gave us a hint at their upcoming event in their most recent live stream that points towards a Halloween update this October. That really leaves only two possibilities for what this update may be.

The clue they gave us was that the next update would be ghoulish and shocking and feature a cascading critters event. Cascading critters has only happened once before, to give early access to Pocahontas in her update as well as earn her comfy costume.

Based on the clue the event looks like it is going to be either based on the Haunted Mansion or Nightmare Before Christmas.

Honestly given the layout of a cascading critters I don't think its reasonable to expect more than one or two characters, which might eliminate Nightmare Before Christmas as an option. The only real additional characters that could be added are Lock, Shock, and Barrel, who couldn't really be added all together in this type of event. Then again we have seen Disney Magic Kingdoms alter challenges in order to add additional characters like with the Lion King tower challenge that added the three hyenas so anything is possible.

If it is a Haunted Mansion update, it will most likely will feature a return of The Bride Constance Hatchaway who has not been seen in the game since her initial limited-time release. This could also potentially involve using the two versions of the Haunted Mansion in some way in the event.

If we see an additional character, I would place my bet as to an individual as opposed to a group. So more likely someone along the lines of the caretaker, Madame Leota, or the Hatbox Ghost as opposed to the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Haunted Mansion Exterior Liberty Square Disney World

We will keep you up to date as we find out more about this upcoming update to Disney Magic Kingdoms as we find it out.