Top 5 Things From Disneyland That Should Come To The Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom Disney World

Despite being similar in many ways, Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom are both different parks that have their own unique elements. And really, both parks could learn some things from the other that could help them improve.

Today we are sharing five things from Disneyland that would improve the Magic Kingdom. We aren't talking big things like rides or lands, but little details or entertainment offerings.

1. Main Street USA Projections

At Disneyland, the castle isn't the only thing with projection mapping during nightly fireworks shows, with Main Street USA also notably being covered in projections during fireworks. This began with Disneyland Forever and has become a constant part of the park's night entertainment.

This would be a great addition to the Magic Kigndom.

Happily Ever After, while great does have a few problems especially in the COVID19 world. It really can only be viewed from the hub, limiting the space where people can watch it and causing massive crowding.

Adding projections on Main Street USA would not only improve the show, but allow crowds to spread out around the park, being more socially distant than before.

This could easily be instaled with projectors in the empty second-floor windows or on the roofs of the land.

2. Combined Musical Performances

At Disneyland it is not unheard of to see the musical groups of the park performing together on a daily basis, most notably a daily performance of the combined Disneyland Band and Dapper Dans with Disney characters.

This makes for a much more high profile performance than either group on its own, and bringing in Disney characters makes it more appealing to kids to stand and watch a performance of one of these groups.

These groups sound great alone but even more special together.

3. Wandering Characters

Pinocchio and Geppetto Passing Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland

Ok, so this isn't one that could be done right now, but eventually when the pandemic subsides.

At Disneyland, it isn't too unnormal to see characters wandering Fantasyland. They don't stop and form a line for meet and greets, they just wanter and play throughout the land.

These are often unannounced and can be characters from the Evil Queen, to Pinocchio and Gepetto, to Tweedledee and Tweedledum and more.

It allows less popular characters a place in the parks, and gives life to the lands of the park. Fantasyland feels more real when Tweedledee is causing havoc and running around free. Its something almost entirely absent in Disney World outside of the Country Bears, and should happen a lot more often.

4. Night Parades

This is something both used to have that Disney World has been missing for several years.

There is just something special about a night electrical parade that adds charm to the park. It is a special uniquely Disney experience that feels missing from the Magic Kingdom.

There is a reason why people still sat and waited for a night parade long after it was canceled at the Magic Kingdom. It is an essential part of a Disney Parks experience that should come back as soon as possible.

5. Railroad Dioramas

At the Magic Kingdom, the Walt Disney World Railroad is pretty much just transportation between three lands in the Magic Kingdom.

At Disneyland, the Disneyland Railroad is an attraction of its own, with elaborate dioramas, special scenes, and inside looks of multiple attractions.

The Magic Kingdom could do with a few of these of their own, maybe not on the scale of the elaborate Primeval World diorama, but more scenes that make the railroad feel less like transportation and more like an actual ride.