5 Stolen or Missing Items From The Disney Parks

Cinderella Castle Empty Disney World Magic Kingdom

A classic Epcot attraction made national headlines when a prop went missing from its abandoned remains, but it is far from the first thing from the Disney Parks to go missing over the years.

Today we are taking you through five things from the Disney Parks that either went missing or were stolen from their attractions.

1. Horizons Mural

Horizons Robot Cook Epcot Center Disney World

Generally considered one of the best attractions ever made, nearly every part of Horizons has become iconic, and most of it was lost entirely in the demolition of the attraction. But there is considerable mystery as to what happened to the exit mural.

The Prologue and The Promise, made by renowned artist Robert T McCall. This presented an artistic vision of a future utopia. But the mural left the attraction years prior to the closure of the attraction and no one seems to know where it is, or if it was preserved at all.

2. The Main Street Electrical Parade

Yes, the Main Street Electrical Parade is still a part of the Disney Parks today, but there were actually three versions that were built over the years, and one of them went missing.

The Walt Disney World version of the parade was initially shipped to Euro Disneyland after its run at the Magic Kingdom, but its journey would not end there. After a successful run at the park, it was reportedly shipped to Hong Kong Disneyland, yet it would never perform at the park.

No one knows what happened to it there. Perhaps it went missing in transit. Maybe it is still sitting backstage in boxes at the park. We do not know.

3. Original Hatbox Ghost

The Hatbox Ghost became one of the most famous residents of the Haunted Mansion, despite his short tenure in the park. Yet despite his iconic status, no one knows what happened to the original version of him after he was removed from the Haunted Mansion shortly after it opened.

Odds are he was destroyed, or scrapped for parts, but there has never been official acknowledgment of this and probably never will be. Disney didn't keep records of that kind of thing back then so we will likely never know what became of this famous animatronic.

4. Snow White's Apple

This was actually a series of props stolen over the course of years. The Evil Queen in Snow White's Scary Adventures used to hold out her hand to offer Snow White an apple. This apple was close enough to the ride path that guests would routinely steal it as a souvenir. Eventually, the ride was updated to replace this apple with a holographic image of an apple through a mirror trick with its roots in classic theater. 

5. Buzzy

This is by far the most famous stolen item from the Disney Parks. Buzzy was the main character of Cranium Command, a stage show in the Wonders of Life Pavilion in Epcot at Disney World. Both his clothing and animatronic were stolen in two separate instances close together. While his clothing was recovered in the possession of an NBA player of all places, his animatronic is still missing and may never be recovered.