First Clues Disney Magic Kingdoms Emperor's New Groove Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Emperor's New Groove Puzzle Disney Magic Kingdoms App

Disney Magic Kingdoms is starting to give us clues as to what the next update will be and it appears the leaks were correct and the next update is going to be bringing Emperor's New Groove characters to the game.

The hint given to every player in the form of a puzzle piece appears to be the Kuzco temple design seen in both the original film and even in the Adventureland section of the map, further pointing to these character coming to the game.

They will likely come alongside a second tower challenge that has been confirmed to start later this month, although what character will be available through that challenge is still unknown at least at this point.

Typically a livestream will fully announce the upcoming update on Friday, so we will be sure to update you on what is coming to the game when that livestream happens, so be sure to check first here on our website for an overview of the update and later on our youtube channel which you can subscribe to here.