10 Fun Facts About Radiator Springs Racers

Final Race Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land Disney California Adventure

Disney makes tons of rides, but rarely does one change the entire identity of the park, but that is what happened with Radiator Springs Racers. It along with Cars Land instantly turned Disney California Adventure from an afterthought to the original Disneyland, to an essential part of any vacation to the Disneyland Resort.

This ride is filled with fun details and hidden secrets and today we are going to take you through ten of them.

1. Shared Ride System

This ride uses the same ride system as Test Track in Epcot.

2. Original Plans

Carsland Concept Art Disney California Adventure

The initial plan was for this ride to be based on 1950s car culture, and the idea actually predated the Cars film franchise.

3. Speed

Radiator Springs Racers At Night Disney California Adventure

This racing ride reaches a top speed of 40 MPH.

4. Berm

Cars Land From Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The ride is located alongside a newly built berm for the park, designed to look like the hills from the film Cars.

5. Animatronics

Mater Animatronic Disney California Adventure

This ride features 23 animatronics throughout the town of Radiator Springs.

6. Different Scenes

Radiator Springs Racers Dark Ride Scene Disney California Adventure Disneyland

At one point in this ride, you enter one of two alternate scenes, either entering Luigi's or Ramone's.

7. Race

Radiator Springs Waterfall Disney California Adventure Disneyland

There is an actual race at the end of the ride, with one car being randomly chosen to win on each ride through.

8. Multi-Color

The ride vehicles come in different colors, including red, purple, and teal.

9. World of Color Tribute

This ride was given a tribute in the temporary special Disneyland centric version of World of Color.

10. License

Each car has a different license plate.

Cars Land At Night Disney California Adventure

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