Emperors New Groove and Gord Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Revealed

 Disney Magic Kingdoms

Emperors New Groove Disney Magic Kingdoms Title Screen

Disney Magic Kingdoms had finally revealed the Emperor's New Groove update which will be coming out next Tuesday, August 25th.

The Emperor's New Grove content will automatically become available after you finish the Pocahontas storyline and is permanently a part of the game. It will follow an all-new storyline after the events of the original movie.

There is also a tower challenge coming next Thursday featuring a new character from Wreck-It Ralph.

Now we are going to take you through all the new content coming in this new update.



Kronk (Premium)





Yzma's Lair

Mudka's Meat Hut

Parade Float

Emperor's New Groove Float (Featuring Transforming Kuzco)

New Land

Disney Magic Kingdoms Adventureland

Plot Next To Expedition Everest


Vanellope Ice Cream Stand

Kitty Balloon Stand

Bunny Ballon Stand

Other Additions

There is a new feature in tower challenges where you can see how many coins each character gives you.

Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph parade floats are moving to the parade tent, not for gems in character chests.

The Animation Academy is coming back to the game in the Merlin Shop.

Android devices with less than 1 GB of Ram will no longer be supported with this game on October 6th.

Tower Challenge Info

The Tower Challenge will now have bonuses for each milestone chapter you complete. It was revealed one of these rewards will be the comfy Cinderella costume.

Chapter 1 will feature Frozen characters and Olaf will be the featured character. Chapter 2 will feature Winnie The Pooh characters and Tigger will be the featured character. Chapter 3 will feature Wreck-It Ralph and will be Calhoun the featured character.

Kronk, Sarge, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie will be earning refresh tokens in this tower challenge.

Hint For Next Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms hinted at shocking and ghoulish fun for the next update, which sounds like we will get a Haunted Mansion event for Halloween! Constance Hatchaway was available a while ago in one event and never available again, so hopefully, she comes back and we get some other Haunted Mansion content as well.