Peter Pan's Flight: Disneyland Vs. Disney World

Peter Pan's Flight is one of the most iconic Disney rides of all time, with its floating pirate ships bringing you off to Neverland ever since Disneyland first opened in 1955.

But which version in the US is better? That is the question we are going to answer today as we compare the Magic Kingdom version of the attraction with the Disneyland version.

Both tell the same story, but there are several key differences between the rides.

We are going to compare three main elements, the facade, the queue line, and the actual ride to determine which is the better version of the same ride.


Peter Pan's Flight Entrance Disneyland

The two facades for this attraction are extremely different.

The Magic Kingdom version features a medieval fair themed entrance similar to the original Disneyland entrance.

The Disneyland facade was rebuilt in 1983 into a European village-style building complete with a clocktower in the style of the movie.

What was originally a tie becomes an easy choice due to an update that was made to only one of the versions decades ago.

Winner: Disneyland

Queue Line

The queue line for both of these attractions are extremely different.

In Disneyland, it consists of simple outdoor switchbacks. Nothing too elaborate but it works.

At the Magic Kingdom, there is an extensively themed interactive queue that recreates the Darling bedroom. This was added later on an makes this choice an easy one.

Winner: Magic Kingdom

The Ride

Peter Pan's Flight Station Disneyland

Both rides follow the exact same storyline and feature nearly identical layouts, scene orders, and ride vehicles.

The Magic Kingdom has an advantage of a faster loading and smoother ride system that is continuously moving as opposed to the slow and stopping ride motion of the Disneyland version.

Where it falls behind is outdated effects that feel dated and not nostalgic.

Where the Disneyland version has the edge is in the actual ride scenes. These have been updated multiple times over the years, notably to include projection mapping. This vastly improves the ride by adding an additional dimension to the miniatures. The animatronics are also a lot more accurate to the animated film in this version.

This ride took its disadvantage and turned it into an advantage

Winner: Disneyland

Overall Winner: Disneyland

Disneyland has had the advantage of a few updates to the whole experience over the years, not just the queue. It feels more immersive and modern, despite being the older of the rides, and makes good use of its small setting.

Do you agree? Which version of Peter Pan's Flight do you prefer? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!