Beverly at Epcot

Beverly Soda Club Cool Epcot Disney World

Epcot has lost a lot of iconic locations in the park over the last year as it prepared for its now uncertain massive redesign. In the process, it also lost a few classic food and beverage offerings, both good and bad.

When Club Cool closed it led to the end of a classic drink at Epcot, the Beverly.

Club Cool was home to soda drinks from around the world available to taste for free, and the Beverly was a longstanding classic at the location. It became iconic for just how bad it was, with repeat visitors often convincing oblivious first-timers to try it.

It is intensely bitter in a way that shocks you the moment you taste it for the first time.

It actually ended up getting discontinued in 2009 in its home country Italy, but kept getting produced for the Disney location and other Coca Cola flagship stores due to its notoriety.

This became a classic part of Epcot, that is now lost to the history of the park.