Project Tomorrow Tribute

In its final month of operation, we are paying tribute to Project Tomorrow, the latest iteration of the Spaceship Earth post-show.

This premiered with the current version of Spaceship Earth back in 2007 alongside the Judi-Dench version of the attraction, with the post-show also being sponsored by Siemens. It featured a variety of games and areas where you could see the onride photo in a bunch of fun virtual scenarios in the same style as the choose your future section of the ride.

The games all feature the future of aspects of technology, and while being very outdated by the time they closed, they were originally cutting edge. Like much of Future World, the future arrived and the exhibit remained in the past.

This exhibit closes on May 26th alongside the current version of the ride to be transformed into a part of the new World Celebration section of Epcot replacing the center of Future World. Project Tomorrow will become a part of Dreamers Point, a new garden area including an all-new statue of Walt Disney. It will bring an end to the Spaceship Earth post-show in the way it has existed in some form since the park opened.

Take a final look around Project Tomorrow and say goodbye.

What was your favorite game in Project Tomorrow? Do you have a favorite memory you would like to share in this location? Let us know in the comments below!