5 Tips For Visiting a Theme Park With a Mask

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As theme parks start to announce that they are reopening, the reality of wearing a mask to a theme park is becoming more likely if you intend on visiting one any time soon. Universal is requiring them and Legoland is suggesting them.

So how do we make this more manageable? We discuss 5 tips for visiting theme parks with a mask and how to make a trip to a theme park trip amid the crisis more fun!

Get Ear Savers

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Wearing a mask can be taxing on your ears. The straps can get irritating after wearing them for an extended period of time. This one device can make it a lot easier to wear, especially for as long as you will be required to wear them at a theme park.

Get Fun Masks

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If you have to wear a mask, why not make it a fun one? Get ones with your favorite characters. Make it a part of a larger outfit. There is a wide number of companies making masks and you should be able to find some that fit your trip. We are currently selling our own masks now!

Get Multiple Masks

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Given that it is summer, and hotter than ever at many of the theme parks as they are opening back up, it may be a good idea to bring multiple masks on your trip. That way you can replace them throughout the day if they are to become sweaty. It also lowers the problems that could happen should you lose a mask on an attraction.

Avoid Sunglasses (Or Regular Glasses)

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Obviously, this is not going to be a solution for everyone, but if possible it would be better to not wear glasses. Wearing a mask causes glasses to fog up, which is just a constant pain. If possible, switch over to contact lenses or just avoid wearing sunglasses. Bring a baseball hat instead.

Try Different Kinds of Masks

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There are a wide variety of mask types currently being made. They all feel a little different and irritate different things. The trick is finding out which version is the most comfortable for you. Even wear different ones throughout your theme park trip so you are never irritating one part of your body for too long.

We hope this helped! Got any other tips for wearing a mask to theme parks? Let us know in the comments below!