Top Additions to Disney Rides After Opening

Haunted Mansion New Orleans Square Disneyland

Theme parks are not museums. They are constantly changing to adapt to modern tastes and incorporate modern technology into classic attractions. Even classic Disney rides are regularly updated to fit with current interests.

Here are some of the best things added to Broadway shows after they opened.

Hatbox Ghost

The Hatbox Ghost was a part of the Haunted Mansion on opening day, but quickly was removed due to technology not being able to adequately make the effect work. But decades later an updated version would make its triumphant return to the park.

This gave the ride back one of its original characters and brought to a close the mystery surrounding the character since its disappearance.

Three Caballeros Animatronics

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros brought some of Disney's most famous birds to Epcot, although originally they only appeared in animated form on the screens throughout the ride.

But eventually, the finale scene would get three animatronics of Donald, Panchito, and Jose. These animatronics were a part of a show at the Magic Kingdom on opening day that then moved to Tokyo Disneyland. When it closed there Disney got them back, refurbished them, and they made their spectacular return to the resort.

Fantasyland Facades (Disneyland)

Fantasyland was subject to many budget cuts when Disneyland first opened, being lightly themed on the outside as a medieval fair, not really fitting with the theme of the attractions in the land.

Eventually in 1983 Disney got to redo the land with a more realistic take on the facades for all the attractions.

Small World Disney Characters

Disney characters being added to It's a Small World was a controversial move, but it honestly works perfectly. They fit the artistic style of the attraction, and don't take away from its larger theme. A great modern update for a classic attraction.

What is your favorite addition to a Disney ride after it opened? Let us know in the comments below and it might be featured in a future article.