Travel Back to the Hadestown Broadway Stage Door

As the Broadway shutdown continues on through the next few months it can be hard for people who love live theater knowing it is going to be so long until the curtains of Broadway reopen again.

Today we are giving you a look back at the Hadestown stage door.

Hadestown had one of the most personal stage door experiences of any Broadway show. It was not chaotic as with some other stage doors in the past, but simply a calm experience where they make sure everyone got a signature and/ or photo with whoever chose to come out.

Not only that, but they would also give a flower to everyone waiting at the stage door, a great free souvenir from the show.

This show also consistently had some of the biggest actors come out, with Reeve Carney and Eva Noblezada being the most common.

Also, keep a lookout in the video above and you may also see a certain Trading Spaces star also passing by the stage door.

Even when Broadway returns, it does not guarantee the return of the stage door experience. This had become such an intimate experience over the past few years, giving you a chance to not only see famous Broadway stars, but converse with other lovers of the show. It is good to hold on to these memories, as they may no longer be able to be recreated.

Thanks for looking back on the Hadestown stage door with us. Be sure to check out our look back on the Be More Chill stage door as well, and come back for new Broadway content every Thursday through the closure.