Is a Hercules Event Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Hercules Clue Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms just posted a series of clues that are hinting at what the next limited-time event will be. As we discussed previously, the hints released previously pointed to either Ratatouille or Hercules as the next film getting added to the game for an upcoming limited time event.

With the latest clues, we can pretty much determine that the event is going to be a Hercules event, given its star themed clues. The letters being revealed also appear to be spelling out Go the Distance, on of the songs from the Disney film.

This event was likely originally planned to coincide with the Japan 2020 Olympics, so it may have an Olympics inspired storyline. The game has a history of following current events, and this was likely planned long prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chances are all will be revealed in a live stream on Friday given the timeline of announcing previous events. We will keep you up to date on all future clues and announcements about whatever this event ends up being.

What Hercules characters do you hope are included in this upcoming event? Let us know in the comments below!