Frozen Broadway Will Not Reopen After The Coronavirus

Frozen Broadway Marquee St James Theatre

In a shocking turn of events, Disney has announced that the Broadway production of Frozen will not return whenever the New York theatres are able to reopen following the coronavirus pandemic.

Ciara Renee Frozen Broadway Shubert Alley Poster

This show had been running somewhat successfully on Broadway for over two years and had just launched a new cast staring Ciara Renee shortly before the closure in a soft reboot of the production with a new book and a new song.

Disney does not believe they can successfully run three shows in the new dynamic Broadway will be facing following the closure and chose to close their least popular show, Frozen.

Frozen On Broadway New Logo Door 2020

This comes as the second major musical to close on Broadway due to the coronavirus after Beetlejuice was forced to close early.

We here at TPE saw this musical in the opening week and found it a fun adaptation of the original, even if it didn't soar to the heights of The Lion King on Broadway. We were supposed to see the new version, but it was a performance after the closures began.

Frozen Broadway Set From Orchestra Disney

Are you going to miss Frozen on Broadway? What is your favorite memory of the production? Let us know in the comments below!