Top 5 Disney Parks Characters That Should Have a Meet and Greet

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The Disney Parks are full of characters from animated movies, live action movies, TV shows and more. They even have their own set of original characters. But despite the popularity of some of these original characters they are rarely available as meetable characters in the parks.

So we are going to imagine what 5 characters would make the best meet and greets.

A couple rules, the character has to be in a current attraction (sorry no Dreamfinder) and be relatively easy to turn into a meetable character (so no tiki birds).

Father (Carousel of Progress)

Father has appeared as a face character at special events, but never as a normal character you could meet. I think he would be a lot of fun talking in the style of any of the era's from the ride and extending the story of the attraction. Tomorrowland could use a wandering character and having Father wandering and explaining some of the inventions of Tomorrowland would provide some new energy to the land. 

Figment (Journey Into Imagination With Figment)

It is a travesty that Figment isn't available to meet in Epcot. He has been in two different periods in the park's history, once with Dreamfinder and then later on his own. Yet today the icon of Epcot is nowhere to be found outside of hist attraction (and all of the numerous items of merchandise he is on). 

Dr. Seeker (Dinosaur)

Dinoland isn't exactly short on meet and greets at the moment, but I think adding Dr. Seeker would be a great addition to the land. Having Dr. Seeker wandering looking for the escaped Iguanadon would both add immersiveness to the overall storyline of Dinoland USA and add an original character to the park.

Chief Flight Attendant (Soarin)

Despite Soarin changing themes a few years ago there is one thing that was kept. The iconic preshow staring a flight attendant played by Patrick Warburton. Having a character based on this iconic part of the ride would extend the ride into its surrounding area, either in The Land or Grizzly Peak, both of which are sorely lacking in the character department.

Henry (Country Bear Jamboree)

There are several characters available to meet on a regular basis from the Country Bear Jamboree, but surprisingly not the main character. Henry is our guide in the attraction and would be fun to see outside the attraction as well, maybe corraling the other bears as they go off on misadventures throughout Frontierland. Also having Sammy on his head would be another fun addition to the park.

What Do You Think?

So those are our thoughts, but what do you think? If you could pick any Disney Parks original character to meet who would it be? Let us know in the comments below!