Muppets Most Wanted Tribute In Disney World

Muppets Most Wanted Constantine Poster Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today we are looking into a tribute to one of Disney's modern Muppet films currently on display in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Stage One is the home for all things Muppets in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Primarily themed based on The Great Muppet Caper, it features easter eggs from the entire history of the Muppets hidden throughout the store. Disney even took the time to add in references to more recent entries in the Muppet franchise to the store.

Most recently wanted posters for Constantine, the villain from Muppets Most Wanted were put up inside the store.

This was part of several things done at the park following the release of the film, including updating the Muppet Vision preshow and having Constantine himself appear as a character for a special event night at the park.

All of these references were removed after the movie's promotion had ended, except this poster which stays as a tribute to the most recent Muppets theatrical release.

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