Disney Plus Officially Announces Percy Jackson Remake

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief Musical On Broadway

UPDATE: Now includes story info for season 1

Rick Riordon and Disney Plus have just announced that they are set to remake the Percy Jackson Series as a high budget original for Disney's streaming service.

Talks between the author and Disney have been public for a while, but today we got confirmation that a deal had been reached and the series remake of the young adult series inspired by greek mythology is coming to Disney Plus.

Percy Jackson previously had the first few books from the series adapted into films but they did not receive the same praise and support the books had, and the series ended after the second movie.

The series has proved its viability recently though with a musical version going on tour and having a limited run on Broadway.

This is just what Disney+ needed at this moment. Another high budget series not based on their Marvel or Star Wars properties, now bringing in another classic children's favorite under the Disney umbrella. Combined with the arrival of Hamilton on Disney Plus on July 3rd, the future of Disney Plus has never looked better.

This would be a high budget original TV series similar to the Mandalorian with season one following The Lightning Thief and the series continuing from there through the rest of the five original books.

We will keep you updated as any casting, production, or timeline information is announced for this upcoming series.