Dinosaur 20th Anniversary

A classic attraction Disney film that inspired a ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Dinosaur which opened today in 2000 helped inspire a light retheme of Countdown to Extinction. The attraction had been partially designed with this film in mind, so this version permanently tied the ride with a film that had been developed in parallel to it.

This film saw Disney beginning to experiment with computer animation and led to later successes from Tangled to Frozen to Zootopia and more.

The film is certainly worth a watch as it shows a unique period in Disney history. They were exiting the Disney renaissance and trying to figure out how to coexist with Pixar and Dreamworks in a changing world of animation. Not all of their ventures would be successful, but it showed them trying to change with the times.

Be sure to check it our on Disney Plus and we review it here.

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