Hercules Update Revealed Disney Magic Kingdoms Event

Hercules Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

A Hercules event is coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms for the next upcoming limited-time event to the popular mobile game.

The basic story follows Hades returning to fight wonder boy once again as they come to the kingdom for the first time.

The update is coming out on Tuesday, June 2nd and the event will begin Thursday, June 

All of the content coming to the game has just been revealed and we go through it all below!


Hades Disney Magic Kingdoms Hercules Event



Pegasus (Premium)




Panic (Premium)


Statue Garden

Zeus Temple

Training Grounds


Herculade Drink Stand

Zeus Lightning Bolt Stand

Parade Float

Hercules Float (Featuring Baby Hercules and Pegasus)


Hercules Gold Trophy

Other Changes

There are no premium Hercules attractions coming as part of this event!

A Chest Reward Popup is being added to confirm that items from a chest were added to your inventory if your game crashes in the middle of getting a chest.

Beauty and the Beast and Snow White parade floats are becoming a part of the normal parade float shop, not in the character chests.

Snow White's prince will also be available for the first time in chests in this update.

Tower challenges will be back soon! It was confirmed that despite the lack of tower challenges recently they will be back very soon.

No new land will be added in this update, and they hinted it may be a few more updates before more land is made available.

Hercules New Event Disney Magic Kingdoms

Are you excited for the Hercules Event? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back once the update is released for even more info about this upcoming event!