Maleficent Mistress of Evil: Disney Plus Watch or Skip

Maleficent Mistress of Evil Disney Plus

The original Maleficent was a pleasant surprise. A remake of a Disney classic from a truly unique take completely different from the original. It was reminiscent enough of the classic to elicit nostalgia but also tread new ground in a way that was exciting in an age before we were overrun with Disney live-action remakes of animated films. It was creative and a lot of fun so it was exciting for this to be the first of the live-action remakes to get a sequel.

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The first film retold the entire original story, meaning the sequel would have to create an entirely original story.

Unfortunately, that story was nowhere near as good as that of the original reinvention of Sleeping Beauty.

The story picks up five years after the original film, and the plot revolves around the wedding of Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Without revealing too many spoilers, the story of the film is the main issue. It attempts to almost incorporate two parallel films, both a film about a race war between humans and magical creatures, and the continuing struggles of Maleficent as a parental figure and they do not work together. Both of these plotlines feel rushed without the ability for the film do dig too far into either.

On top of that, it introduces so many new characters on top of the existingcast returning from the first film it is difficult to keep track of all of them.

There is a lot to enjoy about this film. The visuals are stunning, and the world-building is some of the best Disney has done in any of their live-action remakes. It makes you want to see Disney create more high budget fantasy films.

The acting in this film is also a real highlight, with Angelina Jolie specifically being a standout.

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This film while not being perfect, is certainly worth a watch to see a continuation of the immersive world from the first film. Just don't expect it to reach the heights of the original.