Nostalgic Look Back at Busch Gardens Williamsburg In 1989

Today we are giving you a look back at Busch Gardens Williamsburg from a commercial for the park from 1989.

This commercial takes you back to the early days of the park before many of its modern attractions were ever built, but it still features many of the now-iconic features of the park.

Take a look at Loch Ness Monster's iconic interlocking loops in their early years, as well as the iconic and award-winning scenery of the park.

This also gives you a glimpse back at attractions that are no longer at the park.

You get a brief look at the park's lost Big Bad Wolf suspended coaster that was removed to make way for the modern Verbolten. The new coaster even shares part of its layout with the classic lost coaster.

Relive the early days of the park, and hope that it won't be too long before we get to go back to Busch Gardens and amusement parks all around the world.

What is your favorite lost attraction from Busch Gardens Williamsburg? Let us know in the comments below!