5 Movie Props in Disney World

Mission Space Entrance At Night Epcot

The Disney Parks are all about making you feel like you are in your favorite worlds, either original or inspired by your favorite books or movies.

But sometimes they actually use the props from your favorite films to help create the magic of the parks.

Here are 5 movie props currently on display in Walt Disney World.

Flight of the Navigator Ship Tomorrowland

Flight of the Navigator was a Disney live-action movie about a boy who got control of an alien ship. The ship has been at Walt Disney World for decades in different locations, first on the MGM Studio Tour.

Today it has been transformed into the red ship that decorates Tomorrowland near the Peoplemover.

Indiana Jones Truck

The truck stationed outside the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is one of many used to film scenes from the original films. Be sure to check it out on your next visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Casablanca Plane in Jungle Cruise

Disney owns the entire iconic plane from the classic film Casablanca. Half of it used to be located in the Casablanca scene in The Great Movie Ride before it closed down to make way for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. No one knows what happened to it after the ride closed.

The back half is still in Walt Disney World. It is the plan you encounter on the Jungle Cruise.

Mission to Mars Props in Mission Space

Mission Space Queue Epcot

Several props from the Disney film Mission to Mars are scattered throughout the queue line for this Epcot attraction. It is very fitting given Mission Space is really a spiritual successor to the Disney attraction Mission to Mars that the film was based on. Also, the ride used to feature one of the stars of the film as well.

Haunted Mansion Hearse The Sons of Katie Elder

The hearse outside Walt Disney World's version of the Haunted Mansion does have a history before Walt Disney World. Significantly it was used in the classic John Wayne film The Sons of Katie Elder before it came to rest outside the home of the 999 happy haunts.

What is your favorite film prop on display in Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!