History of Bear in the Big Blue House in the Disney Parks

TV shows rarely have a significant presence in the Disney Parks. Their shorter life span of popularity doesn't really lend itself to an attraction designed to last over a decade. But sometimes there are exceptions, and they find their own unique way into the Disney Parks.

That is what happened to Bear in the Big Blue House, which found its way into two Disney Parks in multiple shows.

First, in Disney's MGM Studios the classic show made in a joint venture between the Jim Henson Company and Disney was transformed into a stage show Bear In the Big Blue House Live. This show was very short-lived and was turned into the much more popular and longer-lasting Playhouse Disney Live On Stage.

This show would feature Bear In the Big Blue House joined by three other Playhouse Disney segments.

The show started and ended with Bear In The Big Blue House segments featuring multiple musical numbers from the show.

In the middle, segments from other Playhouse Disney shows would play. The show opened with segments based on Rolie Polie Olie, Stanley, and the Book of Pooh. It was designed that the center segments could be interchangeable, although only one of them was changed out while the show ran at the park. Roli Polie Olie was swapped out for Jo Jo's Circus.

The show would also come to Disney's California Adventure replacing the ABC Soap Opera Bistro. Playhouse Disney would also come to Walt Disney Studios in Paris, but without Bear In The Big Blue House.

The show would be rethemed in 2008 to take away Bear and his friends to replace them with Mickey and Friends in an updated version of the show. This show itself was eventually renamed as Disney Junior Live on Stage before being replaced itself.

Today there remains no references to Bear In The Big Blue House in the Disney Parks. The shows that replaced it, which still held the same basic format of the show have been replaced themselves, and today you would never know it was ever there.

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