Fantasmic! Disneyland Vs. Disney World

Fantasmic is one of the most popular shows to ever exist at the Disney Parks. Ever since it opened along Disneyland's Rivers of America it has been entertaining guests there and also at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

But which one of these shows is the superior version?

Both versions of Fantasmic are not identical, with each featuring exclusive scenes and the Disneyland version recently getting a tech upgrade alongside the addition of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to the park.

We are going to be judging which is better through three main categories: Seating, Effects, and Content.


Both of these shows have advantages going for them. Disneyland has intimacy, with the show feeling like it is on top of you. Disney World has capacity, with its truly massive theater for the show. But Disney World also has other advantages, like the theater not being in the actual park, avoiding the traffic issues that plague Disneyland's Fantasmic. Plus everyone gets to sit in Disney World, not just the people who paid for dining packages. In the end, there is a clear winner.

Winner: Disney's Hollywood Studios


Both of these shows feature some of the best effects Disney has ever done in a live stage show, and both share many of the same effects. Mickey shooting fireworks. The glowing snake. Several impressive effects using trapdoors.

However, the real answer to this question lies in where these effects are different. Disney World's more extensive uses of lasers. Disneyland's undeniably better dragon. With the projection mapping upgrades, Disneyland's show recently received the answer is clear which is superior.

Winner: Disneyland


Most people make this a question of whether they prefer the Pocahontas scene or the Pirates of the Caribbean scene, but it is so much more than that. Its the extra songs Disneyland fits in, from Pink Elephants On Parade to Friend Like Me. Its the longer bubble scenes in Disney's Hollywood Studios. This ends up creating two similar shows that are in practice very different.

Overall, one of these does a better job at keeping the energy of the show consistent throughout its entire run, while the other has long slow periods that hurt the show.

Winner: Disneyland

Overall Winner

The Disney World version of the show attempted to capture the magic of the intimate Disneyland version of Fantasmic and scale it up to a much more elaborate show. Unfortunately lesser effects and segments that serve no purpose in the show but to extend its length make it a show that does not live up to its inspiration. While opinion of individual scenes is up to personal opinion there is no denying which show is better when taken as a whole.

Winner: Disneyland

So what do you think? Which version of the show do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!