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Universal Beijing

Universal Beijing is going to be one of Universal's biggest parks yet, with a large collection of both original attractions, and popular rides from Universal's other parks. Holding several original attractions, is the first Jurassic World themed land in the world.

Welcome to TPE. Today we are exploring the Jurassic World land coming to Universal Beijing in the first of a series of articles discussing the lands of the upcoming Universal park.

This land is going to have two main attractions. We are going to discuss them both separately below.

Jurassic World Land Universal Beijing Concept Art

Suspended Roller Coaster

One of the main attractions for this land is a family suspended coaster. Going through a mountain and an aviary this will be Universal's latest take on a Pterodactyl coaster.

It will not include inversions and be relatively well themed, but not extremely immersive.

Next Generation Dark Ride

This ride will use a next-generation version of the Spiderman/ Transformers ride system. But it will differ from both of those attractions.

This attraction will rely mainly on practical sets and animatronics, while still using modern screen technology. Not much is known about the plot, but given the placement of the land in the first Jurassic World film I would expect the appearance of the Indominus Rex as well as likely a T Rex.

What attraction would you like to see in this land? Let us know in the comments below!