Aladdin Mini Event Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms May 22nd

Aladdin Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

An Aladdin Golden Trophy Event is coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms this Friday and we are going to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

The goal of this event is to collect as many golden trophies (collected through attractions or character tasks) as possible. They do not impact collecting other tokens.

A Disney Magic Kingdoms Trophy will be the main prize for this event.

Below is a list of all the attractions that will drop Golden Trophies, followed by a list of all of the character tasks that will give you a gold trophy.


The Magic Lamp Theater

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Cave of Wonders

Genie's Lamp Show

Streets of Agrabah

The Lotus Fountain

Character Tasks

Aladdin-Thinking of Date Ideas

Abu-An Apple for Me

Genie-Creating a Spectacle

Carpet-Drift about the Stalls

Iago-Search for Jafar

Jafar-Seeking a Treasure

Rajah-Patrol the Market

The Sultan-I Am Sultan

Hamm-Rolling Ride

Woody-Taking a Break

EVE-Scout on Space Mountain


Final Thoughts

Do not worry if you don't have any Aladdin characters yet, as everyone will get an Aladdin chest in their rewards calendar on Friday. It will also be available for purchase for 60 gems so be sure to save up if you will need one for this event.

Good luck!