Inside Jokes of the Disney Parks

Journey Into Imagination With Figment Banner

Disney Parks give us tons of content based both on original concepts and the numerous films and properties Disney has made. Sometimes they even make fun of themselves.

We're here to talk about times the Disney Parks made fun of themselves.

O Canada

In the former Martin Short version of the Canada Circlevision show, Disney actively made fun of Impressions de France. It opens with a narrator describing Canada until Martin Short appears and makes fun of him. He then proceeds to say he's going to France where they appreciate an unseen narrator (a reference to the narration style of Impressions de France).

Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management

The idea behind this show itself was making fun of the original version of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Iago interrupts a version of the old show because it was boring to him. Short bits out sound from the original show are then interspersed throughout the new show to comic effect as Iago and Zazu retheme the show for a modern audience. Many of these jokes, unfortunately, fell flat creating a subpar experience. Iago also makes fun of the Hall of Presidents as the show comes to a close.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

This is another ride that is entirely making fun of the previous version of the attraction. Figment essentially comes into a similar premise as Journey Into Your Imagination and completely destroys it. Much of this was due to Journey Into Imagination With Figment's limited budget, but it still nonetheless makes enormous light of the much-hated former attraction in its location.


Disney knew what they were getting into in retheming California Screamin to the Incredicoaster and that people would be remembering the original coaster's theme. Some were less than excited about this concept, and clearly, one of them was violet who voices her disdain at the idea behind the Incredicoaster in the queue video. She expresses annoyance at someone just renaming an existing coaster after her family, poking fun at the real-life story of the ride.

Muppet Vision 3D

This show has multiple points where it makes fun of Mickey Mouse. First Rizzo appears during the preshow dressed as Mickey Mouse, as he believed tourists wouldn't be able to tell the difference. This is a horrible costume that is played for laughs.

Next, as Waldo is attempting to escape at the end of the attraction, he turns himself into Mickey Mouse to blend in with the rest of the Disney Park around him. This was actually the first time Mickey was animated using computer animation, an interesting little bit of trivia for this attraction.