Travel Back to Epcot Center 1989 With This Classic Ad

Epcot Center is almost a completely different park than the Epcot that exists today, and it can be nice to look longingly back on the attractions that no longer exist today.

This commercial from 1989 is a great way to look back at many of the beloved rides and attractions that no longer exist at the park.

Look back on beloved lost Disney attractions from the original Journey Into Imagination with Figment and Dreamfinder to Captain EO to Horizons.

1989 was a great period for the park. Many of its later additions were open, but the classic attractions had yet to start closing down. You could still experience classics like Horizons while simultaneously enjoying then new attractions like Wonders of Life.

As a new Epcot is on the way, we look back at the Epcot that was, the Epcot that currently is, and hope for a future just as great and optimistic as it was in classic Epcot Center.

Did you experience any of these classic attractions? Which was your favorite? If you could only ride one of these attractions, which would it be and why? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Thank you to our sister site Database Disney for providing us with this classic Epcot Center commercial! Be sure to check them out for classic videos and documents from the Disney Parks.