Broadway Musicals That Should Be In Theme Parks


Times Square New York City Broadway Billboards 2020

Broadway has become more popular than ever in recent years and yet there is still almost no major presence for big Broadway musicals in popular theme parks around the world. Here are 5 Broadway musicals that deserver the find their way into popular theme parks around the world.


The film version of Beetlejuice used to have a popular stage show at Universal Orlando and rumors are constantly circulating that it will return in some form. A great way to do this would be to incorporate the music from the hit Broadway musical that recently finished its run on Broadway.


Americana is a constant in US theme parks, so it would only make sense to include one of the most popular musicals of all time that fits that theme.


This musical reimagines the classic world of Oz in a modern way where nothing is as it originally seemed. This is a version of the classic tale that pulls you in, and you want to see more of it. On top of that, the set for major productions is amazing, and it would be great to see how this would translate to an immersive theme park land.

Into The Woods

This films unique take on multiple classic fairy tales makes for an interesting world to explore with familiar characters in an unfamiliar setting. It would make for a different take on a Fantasyland style world if based on either the movie or the classic Broadway production.


  1. theechosmythe@gmail.comMay 24, 2024 at 3:28 AM

    the coolest idea for thing musical theatre in with theme parks would be an entire pavilion, or given the massive amount of IP the genre encompasses, their own dedicated "musical theatre theme park".
    Or maybe even an entire theme park devoted to music in general, including a very large megapavilion just for musicals. It wouldnt be like the failed HARD ROCK park,which focused too much on classic attraction types (coasters and such) while not remembering its intended MO of music. Also, HR tends t9 be only about radio thru streaming chart music culture, not including the likes of classical, musicals, new age, celtic, etc


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