Disneyland Paris Long Term Expansion Speculation

Disneyland Paris Satellite Overview

Disneyland Paris is currently facing a massive expansion of its second park, but not much is known about the future of the resort beyond that. So we are here to discuss the long term expansion plan for the Disneyland Paris Resort.

As you can see the resort is contained within a gigantic circular road. Also contained in this road is a small town that we are just leaving out of our discussion for now.

Disneyland Paris Resort Long Term Expansion Plan Overview

For the rest of the article, we are going to be referring to this diagram of the entire resort, color-coded to explain which areas will be used for what.

In pink are all areas currently being used by the resort, for parks, hotels, Disney Village, parking lots, etc.

In yellow is expansion space currently set aside for both parks. There are also smaller plots inside of each park, but we are only discussing ones outside the current limits of the park that are entirely unused. The Walt Disney Studios expansion space (bottom yellow) is currently being turned into the lake/ Frozen area already announced. The Disneyland Park expansion space (top yellow) was originally set aside for a version of Indiana Jones Adventure, but now it is unknown when or for what this land will be used for.

In red are areas set aside for future hotel development. All of these will be filled with hotels in the future, we just have to wait to see what hotels Disney will build and where. Expect the spot to the left to hold the nicest hotel though, as it is closest to the parks and will have access to Lake Disney.

The blue section is the most interesting. It is the section reserved for a future third park at the resort. This won't be built for over a decade until the mid-2030s, but it is there and ready when Disney should choose to build an additional park.

So that is what we know about the future of Disneyland Paris Resort. Future park and hotel expansion, then eventually an entirely new park.