Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Verbolten Sign at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has moved more towards being a coaster only park in the past few years. With closures of original rides like Curse of DarKastle, the park is becoming less original.

Thankfully that is not true of all the rides of the park.

Verbolten at first glance appears to just be another coaster at a park full of similar coasters.

You start with a few turns as you leisurely make your way through the forest.

Verbolten Busch Gardens Williamsburg roller coaster

Then you launch into the rides show building where you enter into a storm in the dark forest.

Here you are faced with one of several storylines before a surprise exit from the building.

Then you enter the kind of coaster found throughout the rest of the park and dropping off a bridge into and speeding along the river.

This is one of the most unique rides in the park and one of the best.