Corn Dog Castle

Corn Dog Castle

Corn Dog Castle Disney California Adventure

Ah good old Corn Dog Castle. One of the few remaining parts of DCA 1.0. And for good reason.

When the park opened it had several restaurants by high profile chefs, many of whom left after the failure of the park.

But not this place. It kept serving the legendary Disneyland corn dogs even as the park changed around it.

The Disneyland corn dog may be the best corn dog ever to exist. It is that good. Just look up a few reviews. This is the one place to get it in Disney California Adventure, making it a great quick service place that you can get food to walk around with.

The castle has survived a lot in its park. It has even outlived its original land. It survived the closure of Paradise Pier in 2018 becoming a part of Paradise Gardens Park.

The Corn Dog Castle is one of few great callbacks to the pun-tastic DCA 1.0 and will hopefully keep serving guests for years to come.