Mean Girls Standing Room Broadway

Mean Girls Standing Room

Mean Girls theater entrance broadway musical

Mean Girls on Broadway is one of the most popular new musicals and it often sells out all the tickets for performances of the hit musical. When this happens there is still a way to see the show.

Mean Girls can sometimes offer up to fifteen standing room tickets to the show for each performance.

These tickets are offered to people seeking Rush tickets at the box office once they have sold out.

Standing room tickets are the cheapest tickets you can possibly get for this musical at $30 each.

The same limitations on purchasing tickets that apply to Rush tickets apply to Standing Room tickets, only 2 per person.

A standing room ticket gets you a numbered spot in the back of the orchestra to watch the show from. You also are given a railing to lean on, also with a numbered spot.

Mean Girls Broadway Standing Room view
View from the standing room section of Mean Girls on Broadway

From this spot, you can see the entire stage. Having seen the show from this location I can say that the only thing obstructed is one part of World Burn where Regina George is raised above the stage, but other than that you do not miss anything on the stage beyond the second level of screens.

There are benches you can sit on during intermission if you get to them fast enough and you are also allowed to pace a little bit in your area during the show as long as you do not get in the way of the ushers.

There is also always the chance you can also get lucky at intermission from standing room. If there are any open seats the ushers can offer them to you at no charge. I ended up enjoying act II from the center of row G in the orchestra. This is by no means guaranteed or even likely but it can happen if tickets are not used.

Good luck trying to get standing room tickets. You may not be able to sit with them but you can stand with them.