Games of Pixar Pier

Walle Space Race Pixar Pier Disneyland

One of the many new experiences that came with Pixar Pier was the newly reimagined games that were given a makeover to fit with Pixar films and shorts.

All these games now have Pixar prizes based on the movie they are from.

La Luna Star Catcher

La Luna Star Catcher Pixar Pier Disneyland

This is your classic carnival bobbing game where you choose a star and get a prize based on what star you pick. The prizes include Pixar Pier themed stars and the characters from La Luna.

WALLE Space Race

WALLE Space Race is a version of the carnival game of shooting a target with water. As you shoot WALLE and EVE rise until someone wins. That person then gets a character from the film based on how many people played. Anyone from WALLE to MO to EVE.

Heimlich's Candy Corn Toss

Heimlich's Candy Corn Toss Pixar Pier

This is a classic toss game. What is really special about this game is that it reuses dialog from the now extinct California Adventure ride Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. It is a great tribute to a former ride and land from the park.

Bullseye Stallion Stampede

Bullseye Stallion Stampede Pixar Pier Disneyland

This is one of the few parts of Paradise Pier to survive to this day. This horse racing game remained relatively unchanged and features Toy Story themed prizes.