Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Oh boy, where to begin.

This former ride at Disney California Adventure featured the caterpillar Heimlich driving you around while he searched for food. You rode on a vehicle themed as the character that talked to you as you rode around the ride.

You eat everything from apples to watermelon, to Heimlich's personal favorite, candy corn.

This was part of the early drive to bring in more Disney characters to California Adventure.

This was not the best ride in the world, but it was fun and something the whole family can ride together, which is more than we can say about what will replace it.

A Bug's Land is currently being replaced by a Marvel-themed land featuring a Spiderman ride and other things that have not yet been announced.


Thrill Rating 1/10

This was the tamest ride you could possibly imagine.


Heimlich Ride Vehicle California Adventure

Special Information

Some of the ride vehicles from this attraction made their way to Pixar's studio after the ride's closure in 2018.