A Bug's Land Tribute

A Bug's Land Tribute

While A Bug's Land is being exterminated we take a look back at the first Pixar land to be built in any Disney Park.

It's Tough to Be a Bug was the headline attraction of the land for most of its existence but was not open in the final months of the land.

Flik's Fun Fair was the only part left of the land on closing day.

Starting off with all the lost rides of this land is Francis' Ladybug Boogie. With this ride, California Adventure lost a miniature teacups ride and one of the many kids rides that A Bug's Land gave the park.

I know we will all miss Heimlich and his ride that took longer to load than it did to ride. It truly was the high point of Disney Imagineering.

At least one part of A Bug's Land will live on. Flik's Flyers will take on a new life as an Inside Out ride on Pixar Pier.

Although just honestly speaking, shouldn't it have been an Up ride? I mean, it's a ride where the vehicles are balloons so...just seems like a missed opportunity if the ride has to be reused.

Now I'll end with a quote from the exit sign of A Bug's Land.