Gift Giver Tree of Life Awakenings

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Discovery Island

In preparation for the opening of Pandora, Animal Kingdom prepared to do something it had never done before: Be open at night on a regular basis.

The animals of the park were inactive at night, causing the park to close early. But the world of Avatar was most spectacular at night, meaning the rest of the park would have to prepare to be open at night so guests could experience Pandora at night.

This also gifted the park with its first nighttime entertainment. The shining jewel of this being Rivers of Light, but there was also another show added. Tree of Life Awakenings.

In this show, the Tree of Life, the park's icon, comes to life through projection mapping showing multiple different animal-related shows.

This brings the icon of the park to life at night while showing a story that fits with the park's values of nature and conservation.

This specific show is called Gift Giver and features a fox and his journeys through the forest.