Epcot Ideal Expansion: Future World

Epcot Ideal Expansion: Future World

Disney Parks are never finished and always looking for ways to expand. Epcot is the current park at Disney World most in need of expansion. All other three parks have had massive expansions in the past ten years while Epcot has gotten a reimagined Test Track and Norway Pavilion.

There is currently a massive expansion project at Epcot. These are just my ideas on the best way it could play out, including all already announced projects.

We'll start from the top and go clockwise. 

New Entrance

One of the most important things is to come of this renovation would be a new entrance. This would include either the removal or complete redesign of the Leave Legacy stones, making them look less like tombstones and returning the glass pillars to the entrance fountain.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This is a rollercoaster replacing Universe of Energy themed to the Marvel franchise Guardians of the Galaxy.

Wonders of Life

This should be the obvious one. It is a giant empty building that used to hold two rides. I would suggest retheming it to Inside Out, while still keeping the generic health theme, something along the lines of Inside Out Health. This would allow the Edutainment Epcot is known for while still incorporating Disney characters. This would include a Body Wars retheme and an animatronic show featuring the emotions.

Mission Space

I would say the ride can remain the same, maybe just add a few different options randomized into the ride system where you visit different real planets, somewhat like Star Tours. 

The biggest change would be the space restaurant and bar, hopefully with some kind of show outside the "windows" of the space station.

Test Track

This ride features an update recently and does not really need any further update.


Ok. This pavilion needs work. 

Figment has been the unofficial mascot of Epcot since it opened and his current ride is an embarrassment to that. I would suggest bringing back a ride featuring the Dreamfinder and Figment. I would not bring back the original ride, however. The ride was closed for a reason, it was difficult and expensive to maintain, and that needs to be addressed. What I think a good solution to this would be is a trackless dark ride similar to Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland. You could even use multiple rooms for either ride vehicles or in a preshow to keep the original opening scene.

The 3D theater currently shows three Pixar shorts. At the very least I would say randomize them. Ideally, I would say make a new 3D film in the style of the classic Captain EO or Honey I Shrunk the Audience-based either on an original story or featuring Figment.

Also, I would say BRING BACK IMAGE WORKS. Not the current What If? labs, but the upstairs version. Obviously, update to modernize the games but this is larger and more interactive than the What If? labs ever were.

The Land

This building is mostly fine but could use a few updates.

The Circle of Life film about conservation has already closed but no replacement has been announced. I think the best possible movie to theme a replacement around is WALLE. That movie already has themes of conservation and abusing the Earth and could easily inspire a new film, possibly even with animatronics.

Living with the Land is fine, but obviously just needs to remain scientifically up to date.

Soarin needs help. The around the world film was a good idea and it certainly fits better than the California film, it was not well executed. If you don't agree with me, sit on the side two ride vehicles and tell me you think that's what the Eiffel Tower looks like. I'd say even just a redo of the exact same film would be fine, but with less CGI and possibly a randomized system with more locations worldwide you can possibly visit.


There's been a lot of rumor talk about an Epcot hotel. If this were to happen I think this would be the best possible location for it to be placed.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

I don't know how this hasn't happened yet. It seems so obvious. The sequel Finding Dory takes place in an aquarium. This pavilion IS an aquarium. It seems like such an obvious move to make this into the Marine Life Institute. You don't even have to change the ride. Just change some of the signage in the aquarium.


Ok. Either Disney needs to put something of worth in here or tear them down. What's currently in here could take up about half of the space, maybe less. Historically this has been a fun interactive pavilion and Disney needs to decide to either invest in it to make it that again, or just demolish it for more green space.


A couple of general things, I think the logos should make a return. With all the love for anything retro, I think they could really be popular and sell a lot of merchandise if advertised right.