The Walking Dead Attraction

The Walking Dead Attraction

The Walking Dead Walk Through Attraction Entrance

Universal Studios is famous for their Halloween Horror Nights. They are considered by many to be among the best Halloween events out there for thrill seekers and the main event at all of them is the mazes.

Walking Dead ride entrance Universal Hollywood

The mazes are so popular that Universal Studios Hollywood made a permanent maze based on one of the most common IPs used in the event, The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Hospital Universal Hollywood

You begin by entering the hospital from the first episode which serves as the queue. It is a near-perfect recreation including the famous "Don't Open Dead Inside" doors.

Walking Dead ride blood stain floor

The walls and floors are dirty and covered in blood, which sets up for the full maze later on.

The actual maze works like a best of for scenes from the first few seasons of the show. There is no storyline to the maze, but it is more detailed than most Horror Nights mazes as it is a permanent attraction.

It is nowhere near as intense as a Horror Nights maze but it does its job of providing a lower intensity maze that can be experienced year round. It's probably not to be considered family-friendly, but it is more PG-13 to the R rated Horror Nights.