Paradise Pier Tribute

Paradise Pier Tribute

This was an opening day land at California Adventure. It closed early 2018 to make way for Pixar Pier. Paradise Pier's goal was to transport you to the seaside boardwalks of the early 20th century in California. This is our tribute to the land and its attractions.

Paradise Pier from the Cove Bar Disney

Along with the land, an opening day ride, California Screamin' closed to make way for the Incredicoaster. Modeled after classic wooden roller coasters it featured the only inversion at the Disneyland Resort and the voice of Niel Patrick Haris as you launched on this boardwalk coaster. A staple of this ride was the views it gave you of the surrounding park as you passed through the scream tunnels.

A coaster from Disney's the Cove Bar

Multiple restaurants closed including the fan favorite, the Cove Bar, was rethemed to become the Lamplight Lounge. The Cove Bar was home to a secret drink menu as well as the famous lobster nachos. This new restaurant also included tributes to seaside ports but mainly is home to a collection of Pixar artifacts. It does feature the same lobster nachos from the Cove Bar.

The entrance to Paradise Pier at night Disney

We now say goodbye to the pier that never was and look now at the land that replaced it.

Pixar Pier skyline with Incredicoaster Disney

Original Article Posted on March 4th, 2018

Last Update September 18th, 2018