Dinosaur On Disney+: Watch or Skip

Disney Dinosaur Film Logo

Welcome to a new series of articles here at Theme Parks and Entertainment, where we review lesser-known titles on Disney+ and tell you if we think they are worth watching. This is obviously an opinion based series, so if you disagree, great, let us know why in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

Today we look at Dinosaur, an experimental animated film from Disney in the early 2000s that also serves as the partial inspiration for the ride of the same name in Disney's Animal Kingdom. That is actually why I chose to start with this movie. I love the ride and wanted to see the movie.

So should you watch it on Disney+?

No, no you should not.

Somehow watching this movie makes the ride worse. I'll explain why in the next paragraph, but it involves spoilers so if you don't want that feel free to skip that paragraph.

In the movie, Aladar (the Iguanadon you save in the ride) saves an entire herd of dinosaurs, including his future wife and mother of his children at great risk to his own life. Watching the movie makes you realize in saving him, even though he was going to die, he now is separated forever from his entire family.

Ok spoilers are done here.

The movie also just lacks emotion. There are a lot of moments that should pack a huge emotional punch but just don't. No one in this film gets any real character development and the plot just isn't that interesting. Honestly, the first Land Before Time movie tells a similar story a lot better than this does. I wish I were kidding

If you do want to watch this movie, do it purely to appreciate the animation, which is stunning for its time, combining both live-action backdrops and early computer animation. Just accept the storyline itself doesn't hold up well.

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